Have You Ever Lost A Major Client?

I just remembered a client a few years ago who had to shut down her website. Her biggest client, who was one of only a few clients, had shut down, no longer needing her services.

As a result, she had to close her business and find another way to pay her mortgage and feed her family.

As physical product sellers, we usually have lots of retail clients, instead of just one big client. But for those of you who are in manufacturing as well, you may have one very large wholesale client that you depend on.

If this is the case, the time to diversify is now.

I speak from experience.

Last year, I lost one of my largest clients. Luckly, when that client left, she took some of my biggest expenses as well. I just had to cut back on some extras and stop paying myself for awhile.

I admit: Part of me thought about shuttingmy business down and giving up.

But I prayed about it and realized that God had a bigger plan for me and that he’d given me this business for a reason. So, I took the extra time I suddenly had to build up a new area in my business.

It’s been a year now, and I just realized that I earned more during August than I did during the same month last year — while I still had the big client.

Isn’t that awesome!

You see, just because you feel like you’ve been defeated, just because the unthinkable has happened, doesn’t mean you should just roll over and give up.

Sometimes, the closing of one door is a gift, to turn you in the direction of the open door that you’ve been ignoring.

The morale to this story: The next time a door closes — or even slams in your face — start looking for that open door!